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SKILL Climbing Method ®

In the English sports jargon the term skill includes all the motor, coordinating, conditional, mental, emotional skills that, known and used by the athlete can make him/her more powerful.

Starting from a reference education, also thanks to the educational aspect of the sport, knowing and using more "skills" makes the man to be expert and competitive in this field therefore more ready to the problems resolution, to the  adaptation, and to the creation of an appropriate answer to the situation. Being able to manage your own body, the emotions and the mental, combined with the motivation and the objectives make the human being balanced, not only in sports but in life, too.

This is what SKILL Climbing Method ® aims to do and in which it believes: Growing, improving, changing and adapting to the events, with awareness of urselves and of the surrounding environment with the aim of being champions in everyday life. Being the winner does not mean to climb on the top step of the podium, but to recognize the “him/herself”, the work done, the application, the dedication in followins a goal and in being able to recognize the result with the right consideration and consistency.

SKILL Climbing Method® is made up of three areas, two of which are more specific to climbing (Didactic Training) and one more general (Energym) that is strongly recommended to everyone, athletes and not, to improve their mental and physical wellbeing, and the quality of life.

The suggested teaching method is designed not only for climbing but can also be applied to all sporting activities. You can simply combine the SCM to your own specific technical system, because the theoretical basis of SCM are those of motor learning and motor skills method. The Didactic Method considers the sensitive phases and all the basic motor skills, so you only have to adapt the system to your own sport by integrating it with the technical characteristics

Thanks to the thirty years experience of its creator, SCM combines motor learning, method, practice, teaching, theory of different sports disciplines, which are regarded as necessary and complete for the growth motor of the human being and of the eastern disciplines and philosophies that help in spiritual growth.

A staff technically and professionally trained in various fields and areas collaborates with Tito Pozzoli, in order to always give the highest quality and the chance to the athletes of any level, beginners of any age, to be able to move in the correct physiological and functional manner, exploiting to the best of their ability and their inner resources.

SCM only requires you goals, commitments, sacrifice, without which nothing in life is given.

The services offered by SKILL Climbing Method® are many:

Physical training and Functional Recovery:

implementation of short-and long-term training programs (especially in the context of sport climbing) for any level.

general and specific physical preparation

technical training programs

physical education programs and gymnastics for post-traumatic and analgesic functional recovery


teaching and training programme from 4 to 12 years old

training methodology from 14 years old and over

seminars and workshops for technicians, athletes, companies, sportsmen and

technical staff and coaches training who decide to use this method

update technical

seminars on "professional" theme for those who want to deepen topics in the field of sport, wellness, holistic.

Shiatsu and energetic disciplines:

courses, workshops to get to know yourself, your body, and how much it is able to be strong, durable, fast, willing and happy.

Consulting with professionals:

cooperation with physiatrists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, posturologists, kinesiology, physical and personal trainer, shiatsuka, instructors of acrobatics, yoga, pilates.

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